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Selected Papers 

2017 'Morphology'
Investigations on Mixed Agreement: Polite Plurals, Hybrid Nouns and Coordinate Structures
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2017 'Glossa'
Suspended Morphology in Serbian - Clitics vs. Affixes
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2016 Manuscript - Abstract Only (draft available upon request)
Anaphoricity and Kinds (in Languages) without Definite Articles
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2016 'Studies in Polish Linguistics' - Abstract Only (draft available upon request)
Coordinating Gender: What can Coordinate Structure Agreement Tell us about Gender?
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2015 Manuscript - Abstract Only (draft available upon request)
Negative Imperatives and Aspect: From Locality to Argument Structure
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2015 Manuscript (with Sarah Murray) - Abstract Only (draft available upon request)
On Binary Features and Disagreeing Natural Classes:
Evidence from Cheyenne and Serbian
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2015 'Syntax'
Phases, Reflexives and Definiteness.pdf
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2013 'Linguistic Inquiry' 44(2))
Binding and the Structure of NP in Serbo
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2013 'Nominal Constructions in Slavic and Beyond' (De Gruyter)
Intensifiers, Focus, and Clitics - Is Pr
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2013 'Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, MIT'
A note on paucal, agreement and case.
Miloje Despic - FASL 20.pdf
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2011. [with Yael Sharvit] (Proceedings of NELS (North Eastern Linguistic Society) 39, GLSA)
Some “Non-Intersective” Adjectives are G
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2010. (Proceedings of the Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 18, Cornell)
Markedness and Marked Features in Serbia
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