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Selected Papers 

To appear. 'Proceedings of WAFL 17' (with Mia Gong)
On the Nature of Reflexive Possessive Agreement in Mongolian: from Nominals to Clauses
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To appear. Journal of Slavic Linguistics
Nominal Ellipsis of Hybrid Nouns in Serbian
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NELS 2023 (with Mike Hamilton)
Consequences of labeling for morphophonology (with Mike Hamilton)
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2023. In 'The Size of Things II: Movement, Features, and Interpretation. ed. by Zheng Shen & Sabine Laszakovits. Open Generative Syntax. Lang Sci Press. '
Size of the Moving Element Matters: LBE is not
Scattered Deletion
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2019 'The Linguistic Review'
(Non-)Intersective Adjectives and Root Suppletion
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2019 'Definiteness across languages'
On Kinds and Anaphoricity in Languages without Definite Articles
Adobe Acrobat Document 555.4 KB
2018 'Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics' (with Mia Windhearn)
Linking agreement and anticausality: Semantic effects of agreement on exclusives in Serbian (with Mia Wiegand)
Despic and Wiegand.pdf
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2018 'The Linguistic Review' (with Sarah Murray)
On Binary Features and Disagreeing Natural Classes
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2018 'Natural Language and Linguistic Theory' (with Mike Hamilton and Sarah Murray)
A Cyclic and Multiple Agree Account: Person/Number Marking in Cheyenne
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2017 WSCLA Handout (with Mike Hamilton)
Algonquian Theme Signs: A Markedness Account
WSCLA 22 Handout.pdf
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2017 'Morphology'
Investigations on Mixed Agreement: Polite Plurals, Hybrid Nouns and Coordinate Structures
Adobe Acrobat Document 507.0 KB
2017 'Glossa'
Suspended Morphology in Serbian - Clitics vs. Affixes
Adobe Acrobat Document 424.4 KB
2017 'Proceedings of WCCFL 34' (with Mike Hamilton and Sarah Murray)
Multiple and Cyclic Agree: Person/Number Marking in Cheyenne
Adobe Acrobat Document 328.3 KB
2016 'Studies in Polish Linguistics'
Coordinating Gender: What can Coordinate Structure Agreement Tell us about Gender?
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2015 Manuscript - Abstract Only (draft available upon request)
Negative Imperatives and Aspect: From Locality to Argument Structure
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2015 'Syntax'
Phases, Reflexives and Definiteness.pdf
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2013 'Linguistic Inquiry' 44(2))
Binding and the Structure of NP in Serbo
Adobe Acrobat Document 253.7 KB
2013 'Nominal Constructions in Slavic and Beyond' (De Gruyter)
Intensifiers, Focus, and Clitics - Is Pr
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2013 'Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, MIT'
A note on paucal, agreement and case.
Miloje Despic - FASL 20.pdf
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2011. [with Yael Sharvit] (Proceedings of NELS (North Eastern Linguistic Society) 39, GLSA)
Some “Non-Intersective” Adjectives are G
Adobe Acrobat Document 92.2 KB
2010. (Proceedings of the Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 18, Cornell)
Markedness and Marked Features in Serbia
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